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Om Lina Løvdal Design. Strikkeprosjekt, akeleiekjole.

About us

How did it start

Lina Løvdal Design began during the Christmas holidays of 2018, when the very first knitting pattern was created - Winter sky headband.

But the story starts much earlier, all the way back to childhood. My days was filled with crafts in all shapes and styles. I learned to knit many years before I learned to read a pattern, I always composed my own patterns. Winter sky headbands were one such a pattern. Following a recommendation from friends, I put my first pattern up for sale on Ravelry, and nerves were tense when the first customer bought the my pattern.  

Om Lina Løvdal Design. Bjørkeløvgenser

Since then, the learning curve has been incredibly steep, and I have learned that knitting design is about much more than a good idea.  

What started as a Christmas present has now become a universe where I constantly get new ideas that I want to put out into the world, and I want to share it all with you!  

On the team I have my faithful and lovely husband, Helge, who helps with everything from photography to motivational speeches.

Today, Lina Løvdal Deisgn is run from our home in Tvedestrand. There is no shortage of leftover yarn and knitting needles here. The ideas are plentiful and new patterns are constantly appearing as they are knitted, written and tested.  

All patterns from Lina Løvdal Design are test knitted.

Thank you so much for being part of the journey.

- Lina Birgitte

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